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All land survey plats given to the Surveyor’s Office for examination must be accompanied with appropriate fees, payable to the Douglas County Clerk & Recorder (Recording Fees)

Land Survey Plat Process

Land Survey plats deposited for filing in Douglas County shall include:

  • Original signatures and seals, black permanent ink must be used, no ball points pens;
  • Be made from a dimensionally stable polyester sheet such as mylar or other product of equal quality;
  • Be at least three mils thick;
  • Use non-fading black permanent print;
  • Be at least eighteen inches wide by twenty-four inches long and no more than twenty-four inches wide by thirty-six inches long with a minimum two-inch margin on the left side and a minimum of one-half inch margins at the top, bottom, and right side of the plat.

All plats must conform to Colorado Revised Statute C.R.S. § 38-51-106 and include:    

  •  A scale drawing of the boundaries of the land parcel;
  • All recorded and apparent rights-of-way and easements, and, if research for recorded rights-of-way and easements is done by someone other than the professional land surveyor who prepares the plat, the source from which such recorded rights-of-way and easements were obtained;
  • If the client wishes not to show rights-of-way and easements on the land survey plat, a statement that such client did not want rights-of way and easements shown;
  • All field-measured dimensions necessary to establish the boundaries on the ground and all dimensions for newly created parcels necessary to establish the boundaries on the ground;
  • A statement by the professional land surveyor that the survey was performed by such surveyor or under such surveyor’s responsible charge;
  • A statement by the professional land surveyor explaining how bearings, if used, were determined;
  • A description of all monuments, both found and set, that mark the boundaries of the property and of all control monuments used in conducting the survey. If any such boundary monument or control monument marks the location of a lost or obliterated public land survey monument that was restored as a part of the survey on which the plat is based, the professional land surveyor shall briefly describe the evidence and the procedure used for such restoration. If any such boundary monument or control monument marks the location of a quarter section corner or sixteenth section corner that was established as a part of the survey, the professional land surveyor shall briefly describe the evidence and procedure used for such establishment, unless the corner location was established by the mathematical procedure as outlined in section C.R.S. 38-51-103.
  • A statement of the scale or representative fraction of the drawing, and a bar-type or graphical scale;
  • A north arrow;
  • A written property description, which shall include but shall not be limited to a reference to the county and state together with the section, township, range, and principal meridian or
    established subdivision, block and lot number, or any other method of describing the land as established by the general land office or bureau of land management;
  • The signature and seal of the professional land surveyor;
  • Any conflicting boundary evidence; and
  • A statement defining the lineal units used including but not limited to meters, chains, feet, and U.S. survey feet. If it is necessary to define conversion factors, the factors shall be a function of the meter as defined by the United States department of commerce, national institute of standards and technology.
  • Contain the plat Indexing Statement signature block as shown below:
    LSP NO. ___________________, IN THE OFFICE OF THE DOUGLAS COUNTY CLERK AND RECORDER._________________________________

Land Survey Plat Submittals

All Land Survey Plats and Improvement Survey Plats should be submitted directly to the Douglas County Clerk and Recorders office.

Survey plats can be submitted in person at following address:

Douglas County Clerk & Recorder
Recording Department
301 Wilcox Street, Suite 180
Castle Rock, CO 80104

Or mailed to:

Douglas County Clerk & Recorder
301 Wilcox Street/PO Box 1360
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Attn: Real Estate Recording

If mailing, please make sure to include a check in the correct amount made payable to Douglas County Clerk and Recorder.

For LSP and ISP depositing fees and other depositing information please see the Recording Document and Fees section of the Douglas County Clerk and Recorder, Recording Department.

Survey Plat Review

All Land Survey Plats (LSP) and Improvement Survey Plats (ISP) submitted for deposit must comply with the Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS) and the Bylaws and Rules of the State Board of Licensure for Architects, Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors (Board Bylaws and Rules).

Each LSP or ISP submitted to the Douglas County Surveyor will be reviewed to determine if it has met the requirements per CRS 38-51-106 along with appurtenant Board Bylaws and Rules. Any LSP or ISP that does not meet CRS 38-51-106 or appurtenant Board Bylaws and Rules will be rejected and returned to the Surveyor of Record with a letter stating the deficiencies that caused the survey to be rejected.

An updated or revised mylar will then need to be resubmitted for review and approval.

All land survey plats delivered to the Clerk and Recorder’s Office for review must be accompanied with appropriate fees, payable to the Douglas County Clerk & Recorder.