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Wildfire: You know the danger. The County can help you reduce the risk

In new cost-sharing program, Douglas County will match your wildfire mitigation efforts

Posted on February 23, 2023 2023Historic and Natural ResourcesNews and Events


Homeowners who enjoy space with conifers, gamble oak and other natural vegetation know that with the beauty, comes risk. Wildfires are the No. 1 natural hazard in Douglas County, and this year, the County has a new program to help you reduce the risk.

Douglas County’s new Wildfire Mitigation Cost-Sharing Program will help residents and communities mitigate private land against the risk of wildfire. Funded by portions of the County’s American Rescue Plan Act allocation, this program aims to increase the pace and scale of private wildfire mitigation efforts, overcome financial barriers to completing mitigation, and build community capacity across Douglas County.

If you commit to mitigation efforts through a specific project on your property, Douglas County will pay 75% of the cost. (The homeowner will cover 25%.)

Wildfire mitigation projects will be awarded through an application process. Eligible projects will focus on creating defensible space, reducing vegetation densities, and disrupting the continuity of fuels in and around communities and on individual properties in the wildland urban interface. Project proposals must reflect accepted science-based mitigation best practices for the vegetation types that are present.

Funds will be distributed following the completion of the project, certification of all work by Douglas County wildfire mitigation staff, and proof of 25% payment. Projects are capped at a maximum of $100,000 total project cost.

What is defensible space?
Defensible space is the buffer between a structure and the surrounding wildland vegetation.  This space is intended to slow or stop the spread of wildfire before it can reach your home. The warming climate and lack of precipitation in Colorado have made it even more important to create widespread defensible space around Douglas County.

This financial support offers residents a chance to bolster their own safety and that of their neighbors, as well as offer our emergency responders more time to respond and a safer environment in which to suppress fire.

Project applications will be accepted and reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Minimum project parameters must be met to be a successful applicant.

For more information and to apply, please visit our webpage.

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