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Congratulations, Douglas County residents – You are the Healthiest Community in America

Posted on March 26, 2019 2019DC Outdoors


Girls biking on trail with green bluff in background and wildflowers in foreground

From hundreds of miles of trails to hike, bike or explore on horseback, to more than 63,000 acres of protected Open Space to explore throughout Douglas County, citizens here have plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities all year long.

Douglas County, Colorado is the healthiest community in America, according to the 2019 Healthiest Communities rankings by U.S. News and World Report released in collaboration with the Aetna Foundation.

The second annual Healthiest Communities report and accompanying analysis are based on an evaluation of nearly 3,000 communities nationwide across 81 health-related metrics in 10 categories, from education and population health to transportation infrastructure and environment, and housing and public safety.

Douglas County also ranked top in the U.S. in the same report for criteria evaluating peer group rankings for Urban, High Performing communities in 10 categories that drive health outcomes, on a scale of zero to 100.

Key findings for Douglas County, according to the statement from U.S. News and Aetna state: “This Denver suburb is among the top healthiest communities in the Country, in at least four of the 81 measures including physical activity, educational attainment, and median household income.”

“The notoriety of being ranked as the Healthiest Community in the U.S. is first a tribute to the residents of Douglas County – from all the cities, towns and unincorporated areas of the County – who choose to live, work and play here,” said Lora Thomas, Douglas County Commissioner and Board Chair.

“From hundreds of miles of trails to hike, bike or explore on horseback to more than 63,000 acres of protected Open Space to explore throughout Douglas County, there are plenty of reminders countywide of how blessed we are not only to live here, but to be of service to the citizens and taxpayers of Douglas County,” added County Commissioner Abe Laydon.

“Our Core Priorities – achieved in part via partnership with local, regional, state and federal governments, the private sector, and the faith-based community – contribute to the foundational elements for healthy communities,” said County Commissioner and Co-Chair, Roger Partridge. “ This includes our collective investment in Transportation, Economic Foundations, Historic and Natural Resources, Health and Human Services, County Services, and Public Safety, including our three-year-old Mental Health Initiative,” Partridge said.

In addition to assessing which communities offer their citizens the greatest opportunity to live a productive, healthy life, the Healthiest Communities Project serves as a tool to inform residents, health care leaders and elected officials about policies and best practices that help drive better health outcomes.

Seven communities in Colorado rank among the top 20: Douglas County (1), Broomfield County (5), Chaffee County (11), Routt County (14), San Miguel County (17), Pitkin County (19) and Boulder County (20). In those seven counties, nearly all adults exercise and only about a quarter missed their annual wellness checkup. Across all its counties, Colorado has the highest average score in the country in the Environment category, which includes measures of natural amenities and air and water quality.

To view the full rankings and search county profiles, please visit: www.usnews.com/news/healthiest-communities

For more information on Healthiest Communities explore Facebook and Twitter using #HealthiestCommunities.

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