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Community Justice Services

In-Home Detention Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let's find the answers you need.

When and where do I report for my intake?

You are required to report for your intake immediately after sentencing. Report to Community Justice Service inside the Robert A. Christensen Justice Center in Castle Rock. 4000 Justice Way, Suite 1801, Castle Rock CO 80109.

What do I need to bring in for the intake?

You may bring the following documents:

  1. Court referral
  2. Sentence order

If you do not have either document, please have your case number available.

What should I expect during the intake? How long is it?

During the intake process you will fill out a brief background questionnaire and read over the terms and conditions. An officer will meet with you and explain the terms and conditions and schedule a future appointment. Plan a 30–45-minute window for the intake from start to finish.

What documents do I need to provide at my hookup appointment?

  1. Employment verification letter from your employer
  2. Work schedule
  3. Residence verification (utility bill, mail, ID with correct address)
  4. Medical appointments
  5. Pay stub
  6. Photo ID
  7. Documentation for any other appointments (court, probation, therapy etc.)

Can I work if I am self-employed?

Yes. Additional documentation is required. You must be registered with the State of Colorado and provided proof such as your business registration, Articles of Organization/Good standings printed from the Secretary of State website.

What is a stay of execution (SOE)?

A stay of execution is the length of time the court gives you before you must begin your in-home detention sentence.

What else am I allowed to leave home for besides work?

School, necessary medical appointments and court matters only.

Is there any good time on in-home detention?

No. In-home detention is straight time.

Are there other locations closer to my home where I can get the monitor installed?

No. We handle all in-home detention appointments in-house using our own equipment.

Can my in-home detention sentence be transferred to a different County?


Contact us at 303-660-7552 for additional information.