We all want our kids safe at school, and that includes the travel to and from. Did you know Douglas County helps keep school zones safe?

Douglas County operates and maintains nearly 80 flashing school zone signs in unincorporated Douglas County that remind us to slow down when school is about to start or just ended. This month, the County completed a nine-month project to completely upgrade the signals’ controller cabinets to ensure the signs are always working and timed appropriately.

Previously, County signal technicians had to manually program each sign at each location, making it impossible to respond to snow days, late starts, or other schedule changes. Due to the labor intensity of the old system, flashing signals were often on when students were not present, prompting drivers to ignore the signs.

Now, the state-of-the art hardware can be accessed via cellular communications that can be adjusted remotely, ensuring signs are on when students are present – but off when they are not, such as the weather-related late start earlier this month.

This new system will also automatically recognize issues, improving response times for repairs. Read more about safe school zones.

A safe and accessible multimodal transportation network is one of the Board of County Commissioner’s six core priorities. Read more about the County’s transportation initiatives online.

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