Gold Rush to Settlement : 1858-1950

The Protohistoric Period, A.D. 1540-1860, begins with European contact and ends with settlement by EuroAmerican people who wrote down their observations of the native peoples. The discovery of gold in Douglas County in 1858 by the Green Russell party began the gold rush era in Colorado. Russellville Gulch along the Cherokee Trail was the site of first 'color'. Green Russell and his group which included Cherokee Indians camped at Russellville Gulch and panned the small creek. Finding gold in amounts not worth their time, they moved on but sent word back East about the gold. Sporadic mining in the county yielded little gold but brought settlers who found other reasons to stay. Gold mining in one area of Douglas County at the Newlin Gulch (Muldoon) mine, continued until the early 1940s. This exhibit will feature early settlement household life artifacts as well as the gold recovery and artifacts found in historic sites up to the 1950s.

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Gold Rush to Settlement
Stove, HeatingKerosene Stove
Stove, HeatingStove Side View
Spring, BoxBox Spring
HeadboardBed Headboard
FootboardBed Footboard
SiderailBed Siderail
Ceramic Shard, HistoricDish Refit
Ceramic Shard, HistoricMonogram China Dish
Ceramic Shard, HistoricHistoric Ceramic Fragment
Ceramic Shard, HistoricHistoric Ceramic Fragment
Ceramic Shard, HistoricGreen Bowl Refit w/scale
KeystoneFrank Kline Keystone
KeystoneFrank Kline Keystone
KeystoneFrank Kline Keystone
Chain, Surveyor's