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Homeless Initiative


Generational Opportunities to Achieve Long-term Success (GOALS)

The GOALS program is a Two-Generation (2Gen) housing program for families experiencing homelessness in Aurora and Arapahoe County. GOALS provides families with a private room while they develop long-term goals for stability and self-reliance. Families are provided a safe space for four to nine months, and one-year of follow-up support.

The Program helps stabilize families experiencing homelessness, empowering them to move from poverty and homelessness by focusing on services and opportunities that address the needs of all family members using a 2Gen approach. Through this empowerment method, we help families secure safe and stable housing; increase their overall health and well-being; improve employment situations and economic assets; better position children for academic success and enhance connections for these families within their community.


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Douglas County has been awarded a $1 million grant from the federal government toward the Generational Opportunities to Achieve Long-term Success (GOALS) facility in Arapahoe County. The facility provides food and shelter, substance abuse treatment, mental health counseling, and job placement for families experiencing homelessness.