Though too young to vote, 108 Douglas County youth are engaging in the 2020 General Election through original artwork that explores the democratic process through various themes.

Using a variety of traditional and electronic media, artwork submitted to the 2020 Election Student Art Contest depicts one of four themes, “America the Beautiful,” “What does America mean to you?” “Citizenship in my community” and “My vote, my voice.”

“These students really took the four civic themes of this contest to heart. You can see it in their thoughtful and unique artwork,” said Douglas County Clerk and Recorder Merlin Klotz, “We are truly proud to see this level of creativity, awareness and engagement from the young people in our community.”

“In all age groups, from Kindergarteners to Seniors, the student artists demonstrate pride in our country, an awareness of the world around them and the challenges we face, as well as optimism for the future,” said Klotz.

Congratulations and thank you to all student artists who participated in this year’s contest. The top three winners in each division were selected by a panel of judges and all students who participated will receive Honorable Mention certificates.

The artwork from these award-winning students will be publicly displayed in Douglas County Government and Douglas County School District buildings until the next Presidential Election in 2024.

See the full list of winners and photos of the top submissions at

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