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Community Justice Services

Frequently Asked Questions – Pretrial Release Supervision

Pretrial Release Supervision FAQ's

What do I do if I’m Court ordered to Pretrial Release Supervision?

Report in person to the Pretrial Release Supervision office within 24 hours of release from custody (located in the Community Justice Services office – 4000 Justice Way Suite 1801 Castle Rock, CO 80109) Monday – Friday between 8am and 3:30pm.

What is Pretrial Release Supervision?

A program that is designed to ease overcrowding in the jail system by supervising higher risk defendants who are released from jail during the Pretrial stage of their criminal case. Pretrial Release Supervision provides daily supervision and monitoring of defendants released into the community by the Court, reminding them of their upcoming Court dates, and other Court ordered bond requirements.

What are bail bond conditions?

A judge sets bail bond conditions so that the defendant, or person arrested, will return for their Court hearings, help the defendant remain accountable for their actions and maximize public safety. 

What is a personal recognizance bond?

When the Court permits release from custody on a defendant’s personal recognizance which is a promise to appear as required by the Court. This type of bond does not have a cash or surety amount linked to it.

Where/When do I report for a Pretrial Release Supervision intake?

4000 Justice Way Suite 1801 Castle Rock, CO 80109; Monday through Friday between 8am and 3:30pm.

What do I need to bring with me to my Pretrial Supervision Intake?

$40.00 for Pretrial Supervision fee for each case supervised by Pretrial Release Supervision, Proof of residence (i.e. Drivers License, ID, lease agreement, mortgage statement, utility bill, etc.), and Court documents. 

Expectations for Pretrial Release Supervision Intake?

A Pretrial Officer will sit down with you to go over all of your terms and conditions of bond and Pretrial Release Supervision. Expect about 1 hour for intake. 

What are examples of bond conditions?

  1. Report to the Pretrial Release Supervision office within 24 hours of release from custody (located in the Community Justice Services office) 
  2. Comply with consistent check-in requirements 
  3. Complete Residence Verification 
  4. Shall not leave the state of Colorado without permission of the Court and the CJS office.
  5. Pay a $40.00 Supervision fee for each case supervised by Pretrial Release Supervision 
  6. Subject to periodic unannounced home visits and searches while on bond 
  7. Appear for all scheduled Court dates 
  8. Additional Conditions of bond may include:
    1. Comply with a Mandatory Protection Order (MPO) as ordered by the Court
    2. Comply with GPS Monitoring 
    3. Comply with SCRAM 24/7 Alcohol Monitoring
    4. Shall not possess or consume alcohol, marijuana, or controlled substances without prescription 
    5. Comply with Drug and Alcohol Monitoring (Monitored Abstinence) 
    6. Shall not drive without a valid driver’s license or insurance
    7. Shall not commit any new offenses 
    8. Shall not possess any firearms, weapons, or ammunition pursuant to 18-1-1001 C.R.S. and Senate Bill 13-197

What is monitored abstinence?

Random urinalysis testing (UA’s). Contact Pretrial Officer for list of approved UA locations.

What is a mandatory protection order?

  1. May forbid a defendant from harassing, intimidating or retaliating against any witness of or victim to the acts they are charged with committing. 
  2. Defendant may be required to vacate the home of the victim(s), stay away from the home of the victim(s), and stay away from any other location the victim(s) is/are likely to be found. 
  3. May be required to refrain from contacting or directly or indirectly communicating with the victim)s) or witness(es). 
  4. May be required to not possess, purchase, or control a firearm or other weapon. 
  5. May be required to not possess or purchase any ammunition. 
  6. May be required to relinquish for the duration of the order, any firearm or ammunition in your immediate possession or control, or subject to your immediate possession or control, and shall do so within 24 or up to 72 hours for firearms and within 24 hours or up to 5 days for ammunition. 
  7. May be required not to possess or consume alcoholic beverages or controlled substances. 
  8. May be granted a civil assist.

What is a civil assist?

When a civilian is requesting an officer to go with them to a location to pick up or drop off personal belongings. This must be granted in a criminal case if the defendant was ordered to vacate a home or if there is a no contact order in place.

What is GPS Monitoring?

An ankle bracelet that uses Global Positioning Systems (GPS) that the Court orders a defendant to wear that provides exact location monitoring of a defendant that has typically been charged with a crime against a person.

How much does GPS Monitoring cost?

$12.00 per day / $360.00 per month

What is SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring?

An ankle bracelet worn 24/7 that tests the wearer’s sweat and skin vapors for alcohol every 30 minutes.

How much does SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring Cost?

$10.00 to $11.00 per day depending if the defendant has a base station or not.

How do I pay my Pretrial Release Supervision Fee/GPS Fees?

  1. You can pay over the phone by calling our front desk at 303-660-7552
  2. You can report in person to 4000 Justice Way Suite 1801, Castle Rock, CO 80109.