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Assessors Office

Taxing Authorities Summit

Property Tax Relief for the Homeowners We All Serve – Let’s Act Now.

Your Douglas County Board of County Commissioners Abe Laydon, George Teal and Lora Thomas, Treasurer Dave Gill, and Assessor Toby Damisch, held a Taxing Authorities Summit on September 25. with a goal to reach property tax relief solutions for the citizens.  View the archived video hereView the 2023 Taxing Authority Summit Presentation here.   


View the invitation to this event, scheduled for September 25 from 4-6 pm, 100 Third Street, Castle Rock, when representatives from taxing authorities in Douglas County gather and receive a first look at the 2023 Assessor’s Multiple Certification Guide needed to calculate your mill levies.

The pending ballot measure creates added complexity to this year’s financial modeling. The summit is an opportunity to view your district’s certification and related assessed valuation information under various modeled and actual scenarios. The Assessor’s office will be providing a packet and online data access at the meeting to significantly expanded information about your district including:

  • Current, under SB22-238, and historical certifications, data and reports
  • The impact of Proposition HH to AV and certification
  • District-level Backfill calculations under SB22-238 and Prop HH scenarios
  • Gallagher Amendment applied to AV and certification
  • TABOR information
  • New online portal for Assessor data reporting

As you know, the 2023 reappraisal was the most significant and impactful in our history. The residential real estate market, driven by high demand, low supply, low interest rates, migration, and other factors, experienced the largest increase in any reassessment period in memory. The results of this reappraisal are dramatic for Douglas County residents, including 30 – 60% Actual Value increases on most residences and homeowners appropriately fearful that future property tax increases will reflect a similar rate. At Douglas County, we continue to strive to find solutions to this situation.

Link to Invitation Letter

Additional Resources:

Proposition HH

Information about the upcoming ballot measure impacting property taxes. Proposition HH would make various changes to state property taxes and changes to state revenue limits.

Proposition HH Ballot Measure 

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